• For a 15-week 3-credit semester course, we suggest two lessons per week, while for a 10-week 5-credit quarter (or 3-credit semester) course, we suggest three lessons per week.

    • Assign Getting Started readings and pre-activity questions from all of the week's lessons to be due before any synchronous meeting.

    • In an online course, use a synchronous meeting each week for the team quiz. During Summer 2020, I offered 4 possible meeting times (determined by student availability) and teams were formed randomly for quizzes based on who attended. I hope to reduce that to 3 possible meeting times.

    • In a hybrid course, the team quiz, clarifying lecture and part of the first application activity are completed during the weekly meeting; the rest of the activities are completed asynchronously.

    • In a remote course meeting synchronously 75 mins twice per week, mimic the hybrid for the first session, then complete the week's workbook activities during the second session.

    • For face to face courses meeting for 50 mins, lessons can be split so that team quiz, clarification, and activity start occur during one meeting and the activity is concluded with feedback during a second meeting.

    • For a dual credit high school full year, activities can be incorporated into the curriculum with each lesson spread over two or more days.